Is a set of pre-painted Yongguang production and

market trade in one integrated enterprise.

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Is a set of pre-painted Yongguang production and market trade in one integrated enterprise.

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Color Coated Aluminum Coil

Aluminum plate is produced by continuous hot dip galvanizing process with cold-rolled strip as substrate, and is a kind of coated steel with excellent atmospheric corrosion.

Shandong Boxing Yongguang Steel Co., Ltd. is a set of pre-painted

Yongguang production and market trade in one integrated enterprise.

Color Coated Aluminum Coil

► Product description:

Color coated aluminum is the aluminum plate or aluminum coil surface coating coloring treatment, the common

fluorine carbon color coated aluminum , Polyester color coated aluminum


♦ Product features:

Flatness: No compound high temperature indentation on the surface. No residual stress on the plate surface, no

deformation after shearing.

Decorative: Painted wood grain, stone grain, there is lifelike physical texture, there is fresh natural beauty. Design

random and do, give customers a wide range of personality choices, can enrich the cultural content of products, to

give people more enjoyment of the United States.

Weather resistance: the coating, high temperature baking paint pattern, high gloss retention, good color stability,

small color change. Polyester Paint Quality assurance 10, fluorine carbon paint quality assurance for more than 20


Mechanical: Selection of high-quality aluminum, plastics and adhesives, the use of advanced composite technology.

Products with decorative plates required for bending, flexural strength, in the Four Seasons climate, wind pressure,

temperature, humidity and other factors, will not cause bending, deformation, expansion etc.

Environmental protection: Anti-alkali acid rain corrosion, itself will not corrode live germ, do not release any toxic

gases, do not cause keel and fixed pieces of rust, flame retardant.


♦ Product application:

Civil housing, factory warehouses, large commercial outlets, exhibition centers,,instrumentation,lighting,packaging,Home furnishings (aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum honeycomb, roof wave board, fire veneer, aluminum ceiling, shutters, shutter doors, garage door, awning, water gutter), electrical and electronic (computer chassis, electrical panels),lighting,furniture, solar reflector, air-conditioning duct and

♦ Product Specification

Aluminum alloy :

1 series- 1050 /1060/1070/1100...

2 series- 2024...

3 series- 3003/3004/3105...

5 series- 5052...

Alu Temper : H14 H16 H24 H26 H32......

Color print : PE / PVDF

Alu Thickness : 0.3-1.5mm

width :20-1500mm

ID :508/610mm

Color : RAL color or simple color

Color thickness: 5+10/5um (normal)

Alu HS code :1 series 76061199Alloy 76061259

MOQ : 5tons/each size

Coil weight : about 2-3tons



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