Is a set of pre-painted Yongguang production and

market trade in one integrated enterprise.

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Is a set of pre-painted Yongguang production and market trade in one integrated enterprise.

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Boxing Yongguang Steel

Shandong Boxing Yongguang Steel Co.,Ltd. is a set of pre-painted production and market trade in an integrated enterprise.The company has advanced production equipment,complete with Siemens automation and control systems, the introduction of Us Fata production processes and technology to produce color coated coil thickness 0.12-0.8mm width 750-1250mm`s,0.3-1.2mm width 500-1250mm aluminum color coating coil.Achieve annual sales income 3.5 billion yuan.An annual output of 500,000 tons color coated coil. Production base is located in china kichen all,black and white iron sheet steel in northern

China's logistics market, China Jiangbei color coated sheet producion base in Shandong Xingfu eleven.

Companies in the development enterprise economy,focusing on environmental protection,actively participate in building a harmonious society.A leading international envtronmental clean air combustion system,the introduction of advanced low-carbon environmental protection facilies-from the source to eliminate pollution,lowering energy consevation,improve resource utilization, and establish environmen tally friendly brands.

Modern production equipment,advanced management eoncepts,sincere cooperation team,improve marketing and service organization.Is the product brand protection.Companies rely on the inegrity of business to win the trust of customers,relying on the good reputation of credibility with customers to establish a long lasting reatinship.Face the future. Companies,adhere to the"integrity,sustainable and healthy" development of enterprises,adhering to the "respect for customers,harmony and win-win" return to the community,always believe in "customer is always God" service,providing customers with quality products,creating economic value for society.